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Make Parts of Clothes Glow | 3Ds Max*

  • Im currently struggeling with making parts of bulletproof vests glow. Since im not very expirienced in making clothes and especially 3Ds Max, I wanted to ask a few things:
    I allready got, that I have to change the Shader ped_emissive. But when I load in the texture and the model, there are 2 Materials shown in the GIMS Evo Material Editor. On which of them do I have to apply the shader? Also I heard from a few people that I have to Vertex Paint the Vest Pink (255,186,255). When I open up the Vertex Paint modifier there are the following options: which of them should I select? The Vertex Paint is applied to the entire texture every time I tried. I read that I have to use an alpha channel to "unglow" the rest of the vest. But how and where do I apply it. I allready created a bitmap, but I dont know if thats helpfull.

    I hope that anyone can help me.

  • Hi,

    I'm looking to make the same thing, do you find how to make it ?

    Thanks for replying.

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