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Jayden Age 11

  • Hi im jayden i am 11. I lost my old gta 5 moddable i played with my step dad i was wondering if you guys could please file share the last type of gta 5 that can be modded

  • @Jayman5 Dayum that sux dawg. Ima guessing you have no backup? Not sure what you mean by last type of GTA V that can be modded. For mines I use game version 2372 because some older mods don't work with the latest game version. Btw. Nice to know I am not the youngest here I recently turned 14.

  • @gtavjamal Yeah could you drop box file share or something your one to me please?

  • @Jayman5 Sorry dawg no can do. That would be illegal. Plus I don't do Drop Box. Even if i could send it the mods I use might be totally different to the ones you use. We all play GTA V but often in very different ways. The latest game version works fine with mods just depends which ones you use. If I were you I would just re-create a new mod game from scratch and make backups.

  • @gtavjamal Yeah but how do i get the file?

  • @Jayman5 Are you asking how to get a legit copy of GTA V? Same way you acquired the game in the first place via Steam, Epic Games etc. From those two just re-download it. If you used discs and lost them or they broke now then that sux. You will have to re-buy the game.

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