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GTA V Not Loading

  • I am having Trouble with GTA V for some reason the Game is not loading at all I had to Reinstall Windows last night and manage to reinstall all my Games and load my mods from back up but when I try to play it it would just not load it exits automatic I even installed all the C++ redistribution plus Direct X and made sure all my Drivers are Updated I am using Rock Star Launcher Not Fing Steam can someone please help me

  • @G1Convoy Disable all your mods and see if game loads.

    Also, check out troubleshooting section of this post.

  • You can Verify Integrity of Game Files by right click on the game properties then click on the LOCAL FILES tab, and then click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE…. After that, click CLOSE.

    Hope this will help you.

  • @G1Convoy you don’t reinstall a game from backups, you do a clean install and then you can reinstall the mods from backup ensuring scripthook and gameconfig are proper versions. Again you run game vanilla first before wondering if mods are at fault.

  • I actually found the Problem its the Open IV.asi but everytime I try to load the game with out it; it will not load the Mods folder I know this I use a different opening, I have every C++ Redsubushing installed

  • I actually found the problem it was the Modded Audio Folder I had installed soon as I removed it the Game started to work normally but now I need to figure out how to make that work

  • @G1Convoy dinput8.dll loads your asi mods including OpenIV. Your addons are loaded by OpenIV so it is necessary.

  • @G1Convoy if you screw around with any files, such as game audio, you can have issues. Restore the files and do one change, test, rinse, repeat.

  • Well I am just gonna Reload the Ecto-1 Sirune Anyways so its no big Deal I just glad I figure out what was causing the problem

  • I fixed it and I even Figured out the problem too everything is Working Normally Now even the Modded Sounds for the Ecto-1 Mod Thanks for the help Guys GTA V Modding Community is really good and Friendly compare to Minecraft By Far

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