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How to find the new update.rpf

  • Open iv said I needed to update my update.rpf now when I get in game all my added cars are gone please help

  • @Losthegamer01 Yes, unfortunately OpenIV, similar to OIV installers, screwed you.

    Update.rpf contains data files such as your gameconfig.xml but also your dlclist.xml.

    You probably ignored the warning and went ahead and let OpenIV overwrite those files.

    So going forward, you should backup your dlclist.xml and reinstall your gameconfig.xml when you let OpenIV do the update - or do as I do and tell OpenIV to GFY.

    All your addon mods (in dlcpacks folder) are still there, but you will need to recreate your dlclist.xml and remember to back it up.

  • Thank you @JohnFromGWN

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