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Mission wont start / freeze

  • Please help me how to fix my gta 5 after i install menyoo and 2 cars. I can't start a mission when i go to mission it will freeze the character and everything in map disappear please help

  • I would delete Menyoo and the 2 car mods and re-install one by one testing after each mod install. Start with Menyoo then the car mods. if you cant get Menyoo working and your game all good then must be another issue one of the experts here might know. Fyi. In those cases I don't have the time trying to find out why the issue occurs. Doin it movn. I just re-install my most recent error free backup and take it from there.

  • @gtavjamal sadly i didnt backed up the original files. i was install civic type r mod and replace car mod with honda civic stanced / blista and when i go to mission it will freeze the character :(((((

  • @jycmrk28 Dayum dawg does that mean you didn't use no mods folder? Personally I use no mods folder. Anyway if that's the case I would just re-download a fresh GTA V version then create a new error free modded game from scratch and make backup/s. When creating a new modded game I do it in descending rank order starting with the most important mods. Once I have all those installed and working perfect then install the new mods one or two at a time at the most and test. GTA V is not supposed to be modded so expect it to break at some point in time. For that reason I keep multiple backups at various stages all on separate drives so my game never gets all fk'd up.

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