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[MAP] [WIP] The Crew 2

  • Currently a huge work in progress, could take months (since I'm alone) and the map would crash a lot due to GTA:V's silly limits. I've gotten some progress extracting the map due to a zenhax tool that made it possible. Credits to daemon

    Using XNALaramesh's blender plugin, I was able to import these Crew 2 exported/extracted ASCII files/models into Blender and export them as .xml's using Sollumz plugin. By the way, certain cities can be ripped from the game itself. According to daemon, The whole USA map is split into 20x12 areas (0,0 is south west corner). For the first game, its 19x11 areas. Each area is square 8x8 sectors. I need a lot of help with this project in finding sector areas and coordinate areas. I don't seem to have enough free time on my hands. Here are some trees/vegetation successfully exported from The Crew 2.

    alt text
    alt text

    To help me on this journey, visit my development discord to see it's progress: Discord

  • Hi! Can I help you with the project for GTA5? I'm a 3d modeler, btw

  • Are you still working on this?

  • YOOO!! are you still working on this? i would be down to collab and get something going. I myself have been building real ny and vegas and this would be dope to get going with it some gta ydrs and ydts. i just found the zenhax tool. then found this.

  • Beat me to it. Gotta give ya props for attempting such a monumental task. If ur down we could collab on this. I have plenty of map knowledge

  • I started this process too and holy moly these road textures are BAD. Like 256x128 bad. I haven't tried buildings yet but I imagine the same thing is going to happen. Hell of a project for sure but idk the feasibility in terms of the graphical fidelity. Perhaps I'll have to make my own road textures to suffice but needless to say, this is possible.

  • @ON3FLY3R
    I admire you for your efforts on this one. The Crew franchise is great for action but falls short for Open World. The crap textures aren't a surprise given the geography covered at the cost of detail and realism.

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