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I don't have all of the stuff in the game [HELP]

  • hi

    Does anyone know why most of the stuff in the game arent there?
    im on the latest version etc
    I can't spawn certain weapons, certain cars
    i cant spawn the revolver in, switchblade, battle axe, pool cue, stone hatchet etc
    but the weapon files, vehicle files, clothing etc are all in my game files, theyre just not there in the game.
    if you don't understand what i mean heres a video: https://streamable.com/1i4siv
    I also recently redone my mods folder and i don't have it filled with a billion mods

    I've disabled my mods folder and it seems to work without mods folder, but once i enable it the issue is still there so i don't really know what it is, all of my mods are:

    5real (Real_Peds, Real_Players, Real_Traffic_1, Real_Traffic_2, Real_Traffic_3)
    AirForce One shoes
    Bandana pack
    Tank top
    Purple brand sagged jeans
    PullOver Hoodie
    RWS (Realistic Weapon Sounds 4.9)
    Custom Muzzle Core Effects (gun fx)

    Anyone that can help?? really appreciated

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