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om0 (On Mission=0) toggler?

  • If you aren't aware of what "om0" or "On Mission=0" is, it's a glitch for multiple GTA games in which you trick the game into believing you aren't on a mission even though you've loaded in the mission scripts (essentially making it so that you're on a mission but you are also allowed to save and start other missions). Speedrunners tend to utilize this glitch to make multiple copies of a singular mission load in at once so that they can complete the copies and use them to skip over other missions.

    This glitch has been discovered for GTA V, but the setup is a little tricky to pull off.

    I was wondering if someone could develop a simple way to toggle between the flag the om0 glitch utilizes so then if one wants to just play around with it easily they can. The Cheat Device Remastered menu for GTA LCS & VCS has this feature and it's quite fun to play with, causing mission duplication with ease instead of needing to utilize a strange glitch that requires timing & setup.

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