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UK Police Vehicles

  • Good Afternoon All,
    I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong section however I was not sure exactly where to post it. I am part of a reasonable sized British role-playing sever where I hold divisional command in the Police Service. Now we have recently been asked to look at re working our fleet of vehicles however I have been informed we use a custom ELS system as well as the default GTA plates on our vehicles and this would require the use of unlocked models so this could be added. Whenever I ask a model creator about unlocking the models I usual find that I get told that they do not wish for this to happen. I was wondering if anyone here knew any individuals who may be willing to allow thier models ot be unlocked for the above mentioned reason and how I may contact them.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance

    P.S. The vehicle that I am looking for are:
    Small Hatchback
    Response vehicle such as an estate car
    Performance car for advanced drivers (Such As Focus ST )
    SUV for Sergeants (Such as Ford Kuga)
    Riot van
    Prisoner Transportation Van

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