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I have a problem with collisions derendering at a distance

  • Hey guys!

    I'm currently working in GTA V and I've noticed something, really, really, really annoying!

    When flying in a plane / heli, if you're far enough distance from the ground / travelling fast enough, the bullets / missiles you shoot will actually travel through buildings, objects, and even the floor if you're too far from it.

    I'd like to be able to hit, or at LEAST IMPACT objects from a distance without having to be 2 FRIGGIN FEET in front of it.

    One applicable use case is my plane mods. Take this for example:

    Notice in this mod how the missiles and the plane are significantly faster than normal;

    Well if I wanted to run an airstrike on a target, I'd see this problem a lot (where the missile would travel through the floor if not rendered properly).

    Does ANYONE see a possible way around it? I'm desperate for anything NON-SCRIPTHOOK related such as rendering points on the map you're aiming at for a few seconds, increasing the render distance, rendering around missiles, ETC. Anything you got (even if you think it's dumb), I'll entertain!

    Polease help! And thanks in advance! :D

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