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Bullet Drop?

  • Hey guys! Working on aircraft modifications for GTA V - One REALLY, REALLY cool implementation I'd love to see would be bullet drop. Something about pulling back on the stick while firing and watching the bullets curve downward as you spiral out is really appealing to me. Hopefully people have seen this or can think of ways to achieve this in the metas / xmls!

    thanks in advance! <3

  • @Wetter42 funnily enough ghillie master has already done something like this, i dont remember exactly how but it basically amounted to changing the jet cannons to tank cannons because tank cannons has travel time and just messing around with the effects and damage of the cannon to look like it came from a jet. Probably not the best answer but i figured id let you know if you want to see if thats what you are looking for.

  • Sweet!
    Okay! I'll play with some files; If I find out, I'll release a video! <3

  • @Sympathy Damn! I thought I'd be able to find it in the meta files but am currently running dry; Do you have an example / link?

    Hook it uppp!

  • @Wetter42 Dude, giving you a hint here, if you play around in the weapon files with "DropForwardVelocity" and "Speed" you will get the desired result.

  • @Niziul Thats exactly what I thought, however, playing with that along with <GravityFactor value= gave me nothing.

    For context, I'm testing this with the rogue's MG using "vehicleweapons_rogue.meta"

    I got some really, wonky results playing with the speed, and bullets in batch, but there's no "gravity effect" on the bullet no matter HOW much I increase "Drop forward velocity" or GravityFactor.

    I'm starting to think "Drop forward velocity" actually is referring to the distance in which the speed starts to slow down, but I could be wrong.....

    Have you been able to get it working?

  • I tried it with a large positive float, a very low float (0.000001) and a negative high float as well, but nada unfortunately; Maybe I'm missing somethin'?

  • @Wetter42 I get it now. I was thinking of something else. I honestly believe that this can't be done just by changing the attributes, because to have this effect, of the bullet losing its initial strength and starting to fall, it would be necessary that the bullet has mass, which I suppose it doesn't, based on the time I've been looking for.

  • Damn, I was hoping you wouldn't say that; I'll keep searching through metas and if I find something useful (like how GravityFactor lives in some weapons and not others), I'll letcha know; Wishme luck!

  • I hope you can find it.

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