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  • Looking for somebody to create a FiveM server for me and my friends and possibly the public in the near future. Will compensate $$$$.

  • You should put the details of your request so that people understand what you're after.

    For example:
    "I'm looking for someone to setup a fivem server for me."

    "I'm looking for the initial install with a month of support to help me ensure scripts work with eachother"

    "I'm also looking for advice to make it scalable, and secure as well"

    Or here's another example:

    "I'm looking for someone to sit with me while I install a server, but to help me develop scripts so that I can play with friends!"

    There's different things that come with installing a server, so make a decision on what you'd like to see implemented so that someone can work with you on the details!

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