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What settings do I change to increase the parking density? Especially around Del Perro?

  • It seems the parking density is way too small compared to what it actually looks like in real life. Is there anyway I could make it so it's a little more close to real life. The values I have changed seems to barely do anything. So please, if anyone could tell me, that would be amazing.

  • the values are targets as opposed to hard values. The game will aim to get to those numbers depending on how much memory is available to it. If it is struggling for memory then it will spawn as much as it can before it starts to struggle.

    In order to increase the number of parked cars, you need to reduce the memory load of other entities, either by using lower traffic values (traffic is always prioritised over parked cars), reducing the variety, using lower graphics settings, or removing any map mods that may be adding more props (think VRemastered and Forests of San Andreas).

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