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Menyoo Object Spooner can't select some props

  • So sometimes while I'm doing photoshoots, I'm wishing to move some props, however Menyoo's Object Spooner can't recognize them :thinking: So I'm just being unable to select any of those props :/

    I have checked the PropList.txt inside menyooStuff folder and the name of the props are there, however they are just not selectable :(

    Would it be possible to make these props selectable as well and if so how can this be done? :(

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • @Aurora11 example by prop name?

  • @JohnFromGWN For example prop_cocktail , prop_tequila .. The crosshair doesn't turn to green when I aim at them :( even if I spawn them using Object Spooner itself, Object Spooner still not being able to select them in Spooner Mode :(

  • @Aurora11 You're right, it can't be selected using F9 and the crosshair - at least neither of us can do it in our games.

    Good news? Simple solution.
    Object Spooner - Manage entity database - prop_cocktail - Manual Placement.

    As long as you spawned with Object Spooner, even though you can't select it with F9, you can still select in with Manage entity database and then place it wherever you want. Perhaps a bit more work but definitely more precise.

  • @JohnFromGWN I know, most of the times I'm just using Manual Placement anyways since it's a lot more precise and can fine tune the movement, rotation.

    It's just I can't do that for ambient objects :( Like I want to move something a little bit but I can't, and neither can delete it either :(

    The only time Menyoo losing it's crosshair detection is when you turn off the collision of an object. I'm just trying to figure out are these objects have no collision data in them :thinking: but then again, it can't select trees either and they definetly have their collision turned on :thinking:

  • @Aurora11 I tried removing collision and it didn't help.

  • @JohnFromGWN No what I meant is Menyoo can't select something if the collisions are turned off.

    So my thought was maybe those props I mentioned don't have a collision at all perhaps? But on the other hand the trees for example have collision, but Menyoo can't select them either :thinking:

  • @Aurora11 If they didn't have collisions, they would fall right through the map, no? The trees, and ambient objects, would need to be recognized by Menyoo in its database to be selectable - maybe that's why you can't select them as you would vanilla cars or peds.

  • @JohnFromGWN True. and yeah I just checked now, it definetly has a Collision as well.

    alt text

    I just can't be sure why this is happening honestly :cry:

    I'm guessing that has something to do with the prop itself. Just checked with Map Editor and it can't select it either even when I spawn the prop with Map Editor...

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