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Lights issue

  • Hi guys, I’ve installed NVE (with his ENB) + LA REVO (just roads, not traffic), everything is fine except lights issue.
    During the day, the game is great. But in night, these yellow lights are not great, and the worst is with cars’s taillights. Any way to fix it? Have you ever heard about this issue?

    And there is a way to replace yellow by white lights? I’ve installed NVE addon (white lights), but no differences.
    Thanks a lot for the help.

    Ps: I’ve tried to find a solution for this, I’ve reinstalled properly GTA and NVE + LA REVO, but still the same.

    My pc spec: i5 10400 + rtx 3060 ti




  • @LRNSR You have some conflicting Light Ids. to fix that go into the dlcpack where your cars are installed, find the carvariationsfile entry of your addon cars, change the number of <lightSettings value="119" /> to something else.
    you can use any number from 400 up to 1023. i dont know exactly if 1024 is the limit for light ids but better be safe.

    for example u changed <lightSettings value="119" />


    <lightSettings value="1000" />

    now you need to find the carcols.meta your addon car and change the id number there aswell.
    open the file and search for <id value="119" /> (replace 119 with the id of your addoncar)
    change the id to <id value="1000" /> or whatever number u took at the beginning.

    Did you ask for support on the nve discord?
    you paid for the mod so you can ask for support there

  • @MaxLuk Hi first of all thanks a lot for the help. So i've tried, and yeah tailights and lightining of the car is now normal, but weird thing, even if my car has lights on, they're not lightning the road. So weird. I've asked on NVE discord, but it seems people have too some issues when you use NVE + LA REVO. I mean, i'm not complaining because at least my game is not crashing at all, and in day it looks good, but when it comes to night, i don't like how it looks (too dark + yellow lights + tailights issue). So for the moment, i've uninstalled lA REVO, and just NVE is awesome. I hope to find one day how to mix correctly NVE & LA REVO.
    Thanks again man

  • @LRNSR send some screenshots. so i can understand what exactly u mean

  • @MaxLuk thanks i will for sure.

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