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How to seperate Cayo Perico map from the entire dlc?

  • I don't want to update my game because I don't want my scripthook, addon maps and all that stuff keep getting broken by the incompetent rockstar so I stayed in 1.50 update thanks to gta launcher bypass mod.

    The reason I can't just update to cayo perico update is because after the 1.50 version, rockstar broke all the no update mods and I don't really wanna use the cracked game so I just stayed at 1.50 .

    So I was backed up the entire rockstar games folder and updated the game so I can have the cayo perico dlc ( mpheist4 ) then reverted back to 1.50 . But the problem is, game crashing when I enable the mpheist4 in dlclist, I believe that's probably because the changes rockstar made to water vehicles and guess it needs to have some stuff in the updated gta5.exe as well :/

    Some stuff are still working though like animations. Since they are easy to seperate I just made a new dlcpack of my own and added those animation in there as addon animations. But with the map, ugh .. There are so many things and I'm being lost while doing it and after I finish game is crashing again :( Of course those finest incompetents at rockstar always tucks everything inside 1 thing rather than seperating them properly and the files that should be in the same place of course got seperated into other locations..............

    Anyhow, can anyone help me with this thingy, the map is just really really nicey I wanna use it but not being able to seperate it .. :(

  • @Aurora11 I reverted back and use the Cayo Perico map mod in SP. I installed the one with traffic.
    It is the North version. I don't play the mission, just roam it.

    You can take a look at those mods and perhaps figure out how the vanilla version works. I've been able, just out of curiosity, to add new dlc peds and vehicles with my reverted version but never tried a vanilla map dlc.

    I'm on version 2372 though, and mpheist4 does not cause issues. Version 2245 is the one that caused more issues than it was worth.

  • @JohnFromGWN I started trying again and I guess I'm getting somewhere now. There is no collision though but maybe I haven't enabled the collision rpf yet (one or more rpfs causing the game crash, trying to figure out which one :D )

    alt text

    alt text

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