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No Dialog or speech after death...?

  • Here's a fun one. When I die in game and respawn, no NPC dialog or player speech can be heard, and no subtitles show up for speech lines that would be playing. Effect persists until I restart the game. Also, interestingly enough, when this effect has happened you also can't hear helicopter blades moving, just the air around them quietly. A very strange issue indeed, I'm really hoping someone on here has run into something similar before. I can provide lists of my ASIs, DLLs, DLCPacks and other mods if it'd help troubleshooting. I look forward to any insight anyone can provide!

  • I had this happen to me before, I usually just load in as the ped I was playing as again, usually works.

  • Nope, no dice. Using Menyoo's model changer or using a vanilla character switch, the problem still happens. What did you use to reload your character?

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