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How do I adjust wheel height for my car?

  • I doubt anyone will read or reply to this just like nobody does on Discord channels I'm in, but how do I adjust wheel height to sit properly on the ground? I edited a car and changed the wheel size and the wheels are just slightly into the ground and making my tires look low on air. It doesn't look horrible but it could be better. I tried moving the tire collisions in Zmodeler but that does nothing. I know I could also use Vstancer mod and just move them up but I don't want to do that every time. I know there's a way I just don't know how.

    Thanks to anyone willing to help.

  • @cordura-oscura im pretty sure in vstancer theres an option to make a preset so whenever you enter the car it will apply the settings

  • There is but I'd really just like to do it right. If nobody will help me then I'll go that route but I rather just do it right.

  • Personally I prefer to keep all wheels on the model as default and use VStancer in game. Pointless for me to change the model wheel position because I switch up the rims on the regular. I have many presets for wheel type, size, width, ride height etc for each of my favorite cars.

  • Have you got the correct wheel size in vehicles.meta? <wheelscale/> and <wheelscalerear/>

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