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Collision issue on props imported from GTA IV

  • Hi everyone !

    Few weeks ago i succefully added some props (from 3ds max) to our GTA Server (model was ok, texture & collision ok). Yesteday i tried to add a new model with the same method and collision doesn't work. I tried with my new model but also with a simple model (like a pyramid).

    Let me show you :
    3ds max
    the white "trebuchet" is my colision composite, it use children flags :
    "0x1" is the collision mesh (it's a copy of the model high), unk vertoffset part => 0,002
    Child flag : Map animal, map cover, map dynamic, map vehicle, map weapon :

    in open IV
    You can see the bounce is ok :

    in the ytyp
    the physicsDictionnary is ok :

    Can you help me pls ? :)
    i dont understand why collision doesn't work. i tried with a simple box for the collision (instead of a copy of the model) and it's doesn't work.
    Note : my model have 4 174 poly and 12 522 vertices


    Thanks a lot for your help

  • Hello !

    i finally found a solution, i did the hitbox by myself.
    I dont know why but sometime when you use a copy of the model (with collision properties) the hitbox doesn't work in game. Maybe there is a limit about something for the hitbox.

    Have a good day !

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