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Look up in the sky and Menyoo issue

  • Hi everybody

    I am trying to make a task sequence in menyoo's spooner menu.

    I want a character that looks up into the sky. I tried to put a object in the sky and choose in the sequence look to object but the limit of the headturning is straight forward.

    Try to look for an animation that looks up in the sky so I can add it to my sequence as "play animation" and found nothing.

    Does anyone know how to do that?

    And also when I spawn peds and modify them with menyoo for my task sequence they are not the same when I manage their recorded clip in the rockstar editor section. Very strange, happens every time.

  • Maybe late, maybe useless, but I'll offer :)
    Try to "become a character" and turn on the recording. And during the recording, already with a 3rd person camera, look up so that the hero looks up. Or try aiming a grenade/snowball and choose the best camera angle. Or do the same in 1st person.

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