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Addon dlc for x64 files?

  • There are those files in the root folder of the game with x64e x64f etc. Anyone has an example dlc or is it possible to do addons for mods within those rpfs? addon to replace things

  • @Vampnos most addons such as vehicles will just go in your dlcpacks folder but as you surmised replacements can be made in those x64.rpf files, depending on the mods. The instructions that come with the mod will tell you where to make the replaces.

    Again it is a good practice to copy any modified file to your Mods folder.

    As you gain experience you can often ignore the path given by the author for car replacements and choose your own rpf for that as long as its compatible because the more current patches will override the older ones. All my vehicle replacements are in the same rpf for the sake of keeping organized.

  • Thanks!

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