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How to make a map mod always appear?

  • Well this is kinda a bit awkward question since all the map mods in here are set to always appear, but I have come across a map mod that spawns with an .asi when you go near it.

    Now the problem is this .asi requires the new scripthook and this new scripthook requires a native in the new gta5.exe which I don't have. Because I didn't want to update the game after 1.50, why? Because after 1.50 no gta launcher mod got broken and I couldn't find a way to stop the game updating for rockstar warehouse version and being able to play with an old version.

    So, anyhow. Anyone knows how can this be done? If it's possible, I might as well make the North Yankton always appear as well rather than making it spawn with trainer. Although I don't have any issue with it but might feel nice to have it always appear perhaps :rofl: :rofl:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Aurora11 There's a good way to fix that : I developped a mod which is a downgrade of the new 1.0.2612.1.0 upgrade to the previous 1.0.2545.0 one (so a update to you), it's the latest up-to-date version which is compatible with all your mods.

    So, you download the (upgrade for you) files, follow the instructions and your game is at the latest compatible version.

    But : you mentionned the problem with the Rockstar Games warehouse unstopping updates : I have a "bypass" mod included in the others upgrade files to the good verison, which you put it in your gta main folder, AND WHEN YOU WANT TO RUN YOUR GAME, RUN GTA5.exe AS ADMINISTRATOR AND YOU'll SEE YOUR GAME DON'T UPDATE HIMSELF

    You're welcome and able to use all your mods with the 1.0.2545.0 version and with no auto-update ! :)

  • @Casqy lmao. You developed a mod to downgrade? The proper way to downgrade is revert to the previous GTA5.exe. What you're doing is not supported by this site - exchange of game files.

  • @JohnFromGWN No no no !!! My bad I not developped !!! I gived a backup i have !!!!

  • @JohnFromGWN Sorry my english is not quitte good, sometimes i say meaningless things :(

  • @Casqy Can you share it? :( at least the bypass :(

  • @Aurora11 Sure, I will post it but I can only post the bypass to skip the R launcher, and also the updates.

  • @Casqy Thank you so so mch :)))

  • @Aurora11 Hey, I can't publish it because the mod already exists by another form and it's better than mine : https://fr.gta5-mods.com/tools/no-gtavlauncher it's the same thing but it delete the RG files verification, so his updates. ( you can also play online in a previous version if you don't have mods) ;) you're welcome

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