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[TOOL] Bulk Traffic Path Nodes Editor(Longshot)

  • Hey, I was wondering if someone can make a tool which can me edit traffic path nodes in bulk. Codewalker let’s me edit them but it’s a pain to go through each node one by one. If someone could make a tool or extract nodes into a text file and convert it back into node file after making the changes I need to would be amazing. Like take the node info and move it to a text editor or something and let me bulk edit values using find and replace would be amazing. Like for example if I want yo change the speed on strawberry ave, I could select it using road name and change it’s speed value from 2 to 6!

    Or even better would be if Codewalker could let me bulk edit by letting me select all the nodes somehow and changing their value in bulk.

    This is long shot request but I’m sure someone out there can do it.


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