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YMAP override?

  • Hard to explain, just getting into map modding.

    I've edited a YMAP in Codewalker to add some trees, delete a few items from the street

    I now want to create a DLC where this YMAP will override the vanilla YMAP.

    Similar to how the YMAP changes when you switch between the old and new Casino.

    Can anyone help me set that up? I've tried creating a new DLC but I cannot get it to work. It's probably something simple but still learning!

  • @Pixtro I haven't tried this idea but in Venice Beach House mod, I have seen the ymaps meant to replace vanilla ymaps were put in a folder and an rpf inside it with the same name and folder structure (_cityw\santamon_01\santamon_metadata.rpf).

    I was made a ymap overwride before without discovering this and that was made the game read 2 ymaps (every props was placed 2 times from 2 ymaps) and by the time I saw this thingy I was no longer needed that ymap I made so I didn't get a chance to try it :(

    I hope this one works though, I would be glad if you can let me know :blush:

  • @Pixtro Tou have to do what Aurora is talking about in the first paragraph. You'll also need to tell the game to use the new ymap in the assembly.xml of the dlc.rpf. You can look at other mods to see how they did it, I had to replace a bunch of ymaps in my mlo mod if you want to use it as an example.

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