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How to get vehicle class hashes ? [ex : Baller = SUV so 3486135912 = ???] Thx to help

  • Hi, I'm working for a new complete remastered GTA5 overhaul and I need to find the vehicle class hashes of every classes

    [ex : If Zentorno is a Super, it means 2891838741 is a what ?]

    If someone can give me the vehicle class hash of every classes, I would be most grateful to him!

  • Are you trying to get the hash from a name, or the name from a hash? If the former, OpenIV has a hash generator in the tools menu, just type in what you need and it will create the hash for you. If the other way round then you can use the global.oxt file and search for the hash you are looking for and that will give you the real text translation of it.

  • (sorry for response delay :() @ItsJustCurtis I'm trying to get the hash from a vehicle class. You mentionned a global.oxt file : where is it?

  • when you say vehicle class, do you mean you want to know what the hash is when you have the plain english vehicle class? Just use the tool built into openiv.

    If you want to look at the hash and find out what class it is referring to, then use the global.gxt2 (apologies, got the wrong filetype) found in x64/data/lang/[language]_rel.rpf/global.gxt2

  • @ItsJustCurtis Hey and sorry again for the response delay (i was testing what you said) and i found nothing which can be the reference hash of the vehicle class, but i found the vehicle class names which there're written at the bottom right when you enter a vehicle... Thx to tried to help me, but it doesn't worked :(

  • But that vehicle class is what you're looking for, no? I don't understand what you're trying to find here. To make it easier, why don't you state precisely what information you have, and what it is you are trying to find?

  • The native that returns a vehicles class will return an int not the actual name of a vehicle class. Thats about as close as your going to get for a "vehicle class hash"

    public enum VehicleClass
    Compacts = 0,
    Sedans = 1,
    SUVs = 2,
    Coupes = 3,
    Muscle = 4,
    SportsClassics = 5,
    Sports = 6,
    Super = 7,
    Motorcycles = 8,
    OffRoad = 9,
    Industrial = 10,
    Utility = 11,
    Vans = 12,
    Cycles = 13,
    Boats = 14,
    Helicopters = 15,
    Planes = 16,
    Service = 17,
    Emergency = 18,
    Military = 19,
    Commercial = 20,
    Trains = 21,
    OpenWheel = 22

  • @Casqy As @mcal9909 wrote, the classes are returned by

    int GET_VEHICLE_CLASS(Vehicle vehicle)

    You can also use 1nt GET_VEHICLE_CLASS_FROM_NAME(Hash modelHash)


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