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popgroups.ymt / addon cars

  • Hey guys, ive been trying for a while now to replace most of the traffic with real cars, and to achieve that i figured out it is easier to replace the models in popgroups.ymt with addons, but it always crashes after i replace a few (even low poly addon cars). Anyone know how i could achieve to have mostly addons spawning in traffic ? im pretty sure it has something to do with the popgroups file but i'm not sure how to do it...

  • chances are you're trying to add vehicles that don't have LODs, which is often the case with real car mods. If the vehiclename.yft has the same or higher file size than vehiclename_hi.yft then the LODs are no good for use in traffic, and will cause a crash due to memory overflow.

  • thanks for that info bro !

  • Does anyone know if its possible to lower vehicle density (like the number of models that you can find in traffic) and replace vanilla cars with addon ones ? like remove all the vanilla cars and put only a few addons instead (im tryna make real french traffic lol)

  • @Koala77
    In & of itself, it's totally possible to remove all vanilla cars from 'popgroups.ymt' and put addons instead, that's no problem :thumbsup:. As mentioned by @ItsJustCurtis, you want to pretty much only use vehicles with LODS, & ideally (not always possible) use only vehicles with all 4 LOD levels (L1>L4) available:

    gta5-mods vehicle category 'lod' search:

    Some basic LOD info: (for creating vehicles in ZModeler3, but worth a read)

    This thread is worth a read also, if you haven't already:

    Also, at least initially, stick to good quality mod authors with lots of experience that know what they are doing.

    You want to take your time with it, don't rush it, just add one, or just a few vehicles at a time & playtest thoroughly after each addition looking for crashes & monitoring performance etc as you go. Your focus should be entirely on stability & performance.

    Generally, there's two methods to approach this whole process that you might want to consider:

    • Start with a full vanilla 'popgroups.ymt' & swap out vanilla vehicles one by one (or in small groups) for real cars:
      • The advantage with that first method^ is that you are closer to the max ceiling for ambient vehicle diversity & are more likely to notice additional vehicles that push you over it &/or cause problems. Only real disadvantages are, you have more vehicles to deal with initially (not a major issue) & you want to make sure your 'popgroups.ymt' is 100% stable before you begin.
    • Start with an empty 'popgroups.ymt' & add real cars to it one by one (or in small groups):

      • Advantage here is it's nice & clean to deal with initially, but the disadvantage to doing it this way is you can potentially add problem vehicles at the start that you will not notice are causing issues until you add newer additional vehicles later on. ie You might add a small group of new vehicles & your game starts crashing, but rather than it being any of the newly added vehicles directly causing the issue, it's actually an earlier added vehicle in combination with more vehicles total (or other previously added vehicles etc) causing it.

    A lot depends on what you intend to achieve in the end. If for example you want to pack the game with as many real cars as possible, starting with an already full 'popgroups.ymt' is probably the way to go. Alternatively, if you're planning to have a more select & reduced car diversity total & it sounds like you are, starting from an empty 'popgroups.ymt' shouldn't give you too many problems.

    There's no real way to predict what issues you might face doing it either way, but worth being aware of your options. For most people, starting from a full 'popgroups.ymt' is the safer option, as it's likely to give you more incremental feedback as to what your system can handle as you progress, but generally, diagnosing 'popgroups.ymt' issues isn't that difficult either way. You can remove whole groups of vehicles at a time dead easily & even if you go the empty 'popgroups.ymt' way, you can always copy & paste those vehicles into a full 'popgroups.ymt' after every 10>20 new additions, & test the overall stability with a high car count every so often, before progressing further etc.

    Here's empty 'popgroups.ymt' & 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' files, if you decide to go that way.

    It spawns ambient scenario related vehicles, stuff like pre-upgraded cars, cars parked outside Los Santos Customs, crop dusting & other planes/helis etc flying overhead, planes at the Airport/Fort Zancudo, select boats, ambient cop cars etc etc. Basically, all the vehicles spawned using scenarios rather than using the ambient traffic system.
    If you install the empty 'popgroups.ymt' & load up the game, the only vehicles you will see, either parked, driving or flying about will be the scenario related 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' ones. They tend to be really rare, especially the ground vehicles, & only appear in set predefined locations around the map, so you might have to drive about for a while before any appear, but worth knowing they exist & that 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' has the potential to allow you to add pre-upgraded add-on cars to the game that appear every so often dotted about the map.

  • So far this is working good, i went with the empty popgroups method. Give this man some shares at Rockstar !! <3

  • @Koala77 said in popgroups.ymt / addon cars:

    ...Give this man some shares at Rockstar !! <3
    Yeah dese experts among us on this forum are amazing and real kind to help. Makes me wonder how do they know all this?? Are they like rogue ex Rockstar lead programmers or sumfin lol.

  • @gtavjamal truth be told you just need to experiment with the game and its capabilities. Most of us got our knowledge by reverse engineering some of the underlying functionality and learning where the limitations and exploits lie. Anyone with basic programming knowledge can do it.

  • @ItsJustCurtis Real talk. I think we need a dedicated thanks thread to you guys. Mad props for all you do and to all the other experts like yourself. Your time and efforts are very appreciated. Btw. You helped me not too long ago. Legend!!

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