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I'm starting to hate GTAV....

  • If you haven't figured it out already, 'R' ran another pointless update that does nothing for PC today. So until scripthook gets updated, you'll be locked out. Just before the shitty 'contract' came out, I got nailed with the 'your ticket's old bug' so I can't use the old 'roll back system time' method to play indefinitely without updating. I keep clearing it out, but it keeps coming back. I believe it's now a feature in 'R's annoying launcher. I can attest to have been having nothing but problems with the game since this last useless and boring dlc update....

  • @iammistahwolf all u had to do was backup your files and then block gta5 from the internet with a firewall rule, either manually set or through a simple free utility.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Obviously you did not read the part where I said, 'I have the your ticket is old bug'. That prevents me from using 'a back up' even when blocking gtav via the firewall. Now, what is a 'simple free utility'? That information might be helpful....

  • @iammistahwolf Not the slightest clue what 'I have the your ticket is old bug' means. A support ticket??


  • @JohnFromGWN He is probably talking about the issue, what I have been experiencing for quite some time now. I also have the ByPassLauncher, but still, after a certain period, it logs Me out of the Social Club, so even after launching the game via bypass, You need to log-in to Social Club (even though the Auto Sign-In is activated) and it will update...

  • @HRH stopping updates on Steam is a joke, you just revert and it ends the updates.

    Going offline is also a joke with Steam, you can start offline or block GTA5.exe from internet access. You can also from Steam set launch options to -scOfflineOnly.

    Unfortunately i don't have a retail or EPGS version to find and post a solution.

    Im sure there are plenty of forum members including admins who have solved this issue but who aren't posting their solutions.

    But once more I would just try to block the launcher from internet.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    I'm not 'probably talking about', I stated I have that issue with 'R's' launcher more than once. And what exactly makes you think I 'haven't tried to block the launcher from the internet' when I stated 'I can't use the old roll back system indefinitely?' I've posted that remedy several times here in the forums and a big part of it was wait for it...'blocking the launcher and gtav.exe from the net via the firewall.'

    But what you insist on not hearing is wait for it...'the bug does not allow that method to work anymore.' It's as HRH mentioned, 'R' has made the launcher so that you have to sign in online every time because it voids your 'auto sign in'. As for 'methods' for fixing this, the simplest one to clear the bug is to 'flush the DNS'. However, though that does get rid of the 'you've been logged out message', even if you have an older copy of the launcher, it won't let you access the game unless you sign in online.

    Prior to this crappy 'contract dlc', you could play offline twice before having to sign in. Now, you get the 'message' after playing offline once. The best and simplest method to play without ever updating was to set your system clock to the last day before your 'ticket' ran out and stay offline with the game blocking the firewall. Now as I've said several times...'R'...has...stopped...that...from...working. I'm not on steam so none of those methods work for me.

    This latest update is a PIA because it does nothing for the PC platform and they didn't add any content, but it puts modders off the game until scripthook eventually (if ever) gets updated. This one is just for those suckers on the other platforms who are going for that '+' scam they're rolling out. And any of you looking forward to 'gta6' better get ready to have 'R' attached to your bank account like a leech because this is just a test run for how they're going to monetize that version....

  • @iammistahwolf All i know is that I'm lucky to be on Steam and if did have the Epic or retail/DVD version i would find a solution, either blocking the internet through the firewall, blocking the mothership through the host file, or through a registry hack, and it wouldn't take more than a few hours to find a way to stop the forced updates and make R* my bitch.

    One final message to all those delusional people who are paranoid enough to think R* purposely screws up our modded games. Truth is they don't give a shit, not even an afterthought about SP, they monetize thru online and we get the collateral damage. Thankfully I work around this bullshit and continue to enjoy my modded reverted game without any aggravation.

  • alt text

    Legit GTA V with Mr. Goldberg's Social Club Emulator which you can find on a Russian Counter-Strike forum. Those fuckers from R* can take their always-online DRM and shove it up their greedy asses! I will NEVER update my GTA V again!

  • @Rstein For those on Steam there are quite a few options for playing offline and never having to update without resorting to some crap bypass mods. I reverted 2 updates ago and play offline no bypass, no problems.


  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah but Steam sucks. Goldberg's emulator makes your GTA V portable too which is a massive upside for some.

  • @Rstein GTA5 on Steam, works perfectly for me, and who cares if it's portable when i have 100 other games installed on Steam. I don't use any extra crap, especially from the land of hackers, if i can avoid it. And if this is indeed an emulator than you're taking a performance hit.

  • @JohnFromGWN Not so much an emulator, it just kills RGSC. If anything, my GTA runs better.

  • @Rstein Well one thing we can agree upon is they can take their social club and shove it where the sun don't shine. And gives us back the home key to bind as we please.

    Social club? Why not Douchebag club? Talk about about being completely out of touch with your users.

    Whether it's Ubi or Epic or Steam or 2K or whatever, im so fed up of having to create accounts and get bombarded with ads and news and other shit when all i want to do is play a game offline. Thankfully i can do that with GTA5 and Steam, at least, can't say that for other games or other services.

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