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April 2022 Update - Steam - What changed.

    1. The 4 executable files in the root folder were updated. AFAIK only GTA5.exe needs to be restored from backup for those waiting for SH5 update.

    2. In the Update folder, there are 2 new DLCPacks: mpg9ec and patchdayg9ecng.

    3. In the Update folder: update.rpf has been updated.

    4. In the Update folder: I noticed a file called update2.rpf. I have no recollection of a file called update2.rpf?

    Can anyone confirm if this is a new file?

    Update: This is just to confirm that replacing GTA5.exe will revert your game properly so you can continue playing. I also took the opportunity to investigate this new file, update2.rpf, in OpenIV - not sure exactly why it was added as an additional package rather than included in update.rpf. This poor practice is typical of Rockstar, they never seem to follow any conventions, just some programmer doing his own thing?

  • @JohnFromGWN I can bet you the guy who made the update.rpf for the first had her girlfriend cheated him with the guy who made the common.rpf first.

    and the update2.rpf is a result of a collabarative and collective relationship problems caused by one girl keep jumping from one dev to another :rofl: :rofl: Why it was collabed though despite being 1 girl only? Cuz the girl had been talked out by her besties from staying with 1 dev ..


    @JohnFromGWN update2.rpf is a new file yes, seems to be taking some of the load off update.rpf as the update.rpf before this update was way bigger in file size compared to this weeks update. from what Reyser gathered, it seems to contain files that get updated/changed more frequently, including shaders and the lang folder rpf's. probably to make updates faster and less annoying for end user.

  • @Reacon Which makes sense. If you look at the package in OpenIV there are indeed new shaders, scripts, and a host of other stuff - likely only of value for GTAO.

  • @JohnFromGWN - Does replacing GTA5.exe actually work for you? In my case, the Launcher instantly detects the 2545 .exe and re-launches an update over, regardless how many times and ways I revert (I'm using Rage Plugin Hook backup). Seriously, this is totally useless...

    Yeah, hello everyone - I'm not dead. :grin:

  • @TheMurderousCricket The process I described, as per the subject line, is for Steam which thankfully doesn't nag you or repeatedly try to update again. My understanding is there are launcher bypass mods for Epic games. The other solution which is pretty obvious is to block the updates through your firewall - allowing you to play offline in SP. Why are using Rage rather than SH?

    Block manually, or better still use this free utility from the context menu.


    no malware, no nags

  • @JohnFromGWN - Thanks for your reply! I actually use both RPH and Script Hook, but the reason I tried to launch the game with RPH was that it has a convenient backup-revert mechanism... which, apparently, isn't worth much...

    I tried what you describe and during my last attempt reverted to the previous .exe, then set "block" for the R*GL internet permission in Norton Security. But upon clicking "Play GTA" shortcut the Launcher started nonetheless with the message it cannot connect to the internet, poor child.

    I am back to GTA after a very long time, so I actually rediscover the entire field. It was, like, just two weeks of hassle-free play before this update hit...

  • @TheMurderousCricket I'm only familiar with the Steam version and I can absolutely play the game offline - I have GTA5.exe blocked and this removes all the online ads and other BS as the game loads. You can also start Steam offline but this is much simpler.

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