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Which 3DS Max version best for GTA 5 modding?

  • I'm gonna get this 3DS Max thingy but I was did that some years ago and my version wasn't supporting the gta 5 models :(

    So I wanna do this the correct way and wanted to ask.

    My main goal is for ped editing, cloth rigging. Like I wanna add some vanilla clothes to addon peds to make them more diverse <3

  • In theory, GIMS (fan assembly) even supports 3ds max 2022, but personally I have a lot of problems and bugs with it. If you are only interested in modding under gta v and you are not going to use 3ds max for something else, then try 2016 and the original GIMS build, it worked much more stable. I want to note that OpenFormat still only supports ydd / ydr, not yft format.

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