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How to prevent overlapping view in 3DS Max?

  • It's a bit difficult to see in the photos so I wanna explain it as well.

    So I am trying to attach a ring to left hand in 3DS Max, for that on the top right corner cube, I am selecting Right side camera view. However when I do that the hand on the other side (right hand) overlapping with left hand.

    In here I rotated the camera a little bit off the Right side (for comparison purposes);
    alt text

    and in here it's at full Right side view;
    alt text

    but as you can see the right hand overlapping with left hand and I can only see the right hand instead :(

    However the same doesn't happen for the right hand;
    alt text

    Here I turned the camera to Left side and left hand not going over to right hand.

  • @Aurora11 I haven't worked on peds before so I'm not sure how it's supposed to be, but I'm surprised that there isn't a hand_000_l and that both hands are on the hand_000_r. But if that's how it goes then good to know. I can tell you one trick I've done on the 2016 max is if I needed to work on something and couldn't get a good view because something was in the way, you can select the polys of the offending item and click on Hide Polys button (couldn't tell you where it is in 2023, but would be on the right side menu in 2016) then when you're done click unhide all polys. I wouldn't know what to do if the bones are still in the way after doing that.

  • @chonkie Thank you so so much, I will take a look at it, tinker here and there <3

    By the by the reason there is only a hand_000_r is not exactly like that. The _r means is like .. Like for example if it's _u , it means universal. and the extension of the texture name being like _uni.dds .
    For _r though, the extension being _whi , _bla , _chi (chinese) , _lat (latino) ...

    But perhaps it would be possible to hide the offending hand from that left panel if it's seperated of course. and if not your solution will work wonderful :rose:

    This program is quite confusing all together :( it's UI pretty complicated. I was learned photoshop quite easily, not an expert but I can do when I wish to do something. but this thingy is oh my .. I miss the Skyrim and Fallout 4's Outfit Studio dearly :sob: :sob: It had a very easy to learn UI and doing these were million times easier :(

    I was converted some accessory mods from Skyrim to Fallout 4 and was easily rigged them on fingers and hands. Just someone was told me about bones thingy that I need to paint which bone the rings should attached and it was all done all done.

    In this, bruh .. I mean attaching it to bones I figured it out but now I have to do uv remap thingy too and I have no frakking idea. Because it looks like the texture of the ring has to be inside of the hand texture as well. and the saddest part is the area you can use to tell the model at which location are the textures for hands, rings is quite small too :/

    At this point I'm thinking of not attaching the rings to hand model but making them seperately instead but then again ugh .. Then how will the bone rigging gonna work without attaching them to the hand model........ Basically so annoying and I'm quite lost :( Need a proper and slow guide for this shit but the ones I found are showing it like they are teaching it to someone who used 3ds max over 2 years.......

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