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I need help so my mods arent working at all they used to work on a other computer im currently trying to use redux.

  • HI im trying to use redux and its not working but i know its not script hook v because menyoo works also i have scripthoov dot net installed aswell ive tryed other mods and im saying specciafcly the mods that go in your mods folder ive tryed everything please help also after the update came out i downgraded and the mods werent even working before the update also are the files that you put inside of openiv or the files you put inside of your game directory suppose to transfer to each other for example if i make a folder in openiv should it transfer to the game directory because my mods dont transfer to the game directory idk what to do please help ive been trying for like a month.

  • @Helpmepleaselol Try backing up your mods folder to somewhere else and delete it from your game directory. Then install the Redux with it's OIV installer.
    I assume you already have OpenIV.asi in your game directory but check do you have it if you are not sure.

    I haven't checked the Redux for a while but there may be a chance it got outdated since the project lost it's popularity over the years ..

  • ok ill try im going to check if i have openiv.asi in my game directory

  • another thing are things from the game dirctory and open iv suppose to transfer to each other


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