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Problem with addon car that crash game

  • hi, everyone I have a problem with the addon car, I install fitgirl cracked of GTA v since I install trainer (simple trainer or menyoo ) games open carefully but when I add addonCar Mod the game opens but suddenly crashes and comes out. I saw many videos on Youtube and use different ways ( copy folder's car in ==> mods "(copy update files to mods or copy just lastPatch of the games BUT NOTHING CHANGE )" /update/x64/dlcpacks then add car's name to dlclist in editmode of openiv.
    my system is :
    windows 10 Home / 16G ram / GeForce 1660ti vga/ 10750h CPU /
    The version 1.0.2189.0
    plz help me to fix my problem thanks...

  • @amir1899 Hope you see my reply before the topic gets deleted since they don't allow cracked talks but you need a gameconfig to be able to use addon cars. Search in the site there is a beginner gameconfig that can handle decent amount of car mods.

    The part you need to be careful about is, choose the correct gameconfig version for your game version (etc if your game is at 1.0.1868.0 version then you need to use 1.0.1868.0 gameconfig version too).

    Once the gameconfig you are using can't handle any more cars, then you need a better gameconfig. Some are paid some are free but a bit challenging to find. Still, you can ask around...

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