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How do I change OpenIV package installer mods folder directory? When I download OIV when I press install to mods folder it stops at gtaV folder and doesn't go to mods

  • I have my mods folder present in the game directory, it's even the usual color blue in openiv but when I try to install OIVs in the mods folder it's directory just says ".../Epic Games/gtaV/" I already manually reinstalled openIV and the .asi's but nothings seems to work, anyone got ideas?

  • @RX1StrideR Not sure what your problem is but consider yourself lucky. An OIV will possibly overwrite your dlclist.xml and your gameconfig.xml and other files. In other words, only an idiot would install with an OIV installer.

    Unzip the OIV file (it's an archive) and you will see a folder called content. All the files in the content folder will be installed so check if it contains any files you don't want overwritten. (Rarely files might be in a folder other than content).

    You will also see a file called assembly.xml. This file will tell you where the files in content will be loaded and it may have some deletes or adds as well.

    If the content folder looks ok to you and you still want to proceed with OIV install at least you know it is safe. If you want to install intelligently, follow the paths in the assembly.xml file and do the installation yourself manually - this file will also allow you to undo all the crap you installed if you want to uninstall the mod.

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