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[UPDATE] Script Hook V (version-1.0.2612.1)

  • The newest patch of GTA V (Version 1.0.2612.1) doesn't supported by the current Script Hook V.

    pls, update script hook v...

  • @PRIYASH2003 thanks for letting the community know about this.

    Unfortunately this site is not responsible for the update. Actually the developer, Alexander Blade, probably doesn't realize there has been an update to GTA5 as this has never happened before.

    You should let him know immediately so we can play again.
    He can be contacted, in Russia, at 1 800 SH5-GTA5

    I would update it myself, but I don't have the source code, or the skills, or the expertise, or the time.

  • can you write to him

  • @fnafixww i guess you can or you can wait like everyone else or if u backed up your files you can revert. Im sure updating SH5 for free is not the #1 priority in his life.

  • please help i cant play GTA5

  • This post is deleted!

  • may be he joined the Ukr vs Rus war

  • @BooCheap18 he was probably drafted and is now piloting a tank

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