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Looking to downgrade, which version you think is best?

  • @DugiHowser unfortunately that's not true, you can't stop GTA5 updates on Steam. You are forced to update. However if you revert you will not be nagged again. So no issues unless you do a verify integrity or reinstall. Then once more you revert.

  • @DugiHowser I must say having the Steam version is a pretty good idea then :see_no_evil: :yum:

    @JohnFromGWN You are right, when the first update comes up Steam also forcing you to update as well. Although yeah once you revert back no more updates anymore...
    Also true like you said there are many sites that sell the GTA 5 for Steam with just a few bucks anyway :sweat_smile: A worthy invesment and money well spent it's gonna be :yum: :cake:

  • @JohnFromGWN I stand corrected. I bought it at the latest update so I haven't had any needed updates yet. Thanks for clearing that up :thumbsup:

  • @Aurora11 I think its still on sale on steam. Regular price is $30 but if you buy the Special edition its $15 for some reason lol. So I bought that one.

  • @JohnFromGWN @DugiHowser lol I just saw I have gta 5 in my steam library :rofl: :rofl: Damn it's been so long I even forgot I was bought that game a decade ago in Steam :sweat_smile: Of course I'm perma banned in online though thanks to a dumb modder and useless rockstar...

    I was went to take a coffee and when I return I was inside in a cage with 20 more people and money raining on me. Then rockstar still didn't care my innocence ..

    Then I was got mad and bought a rockstar warehouse version for very cheap and added myself 160 billion $ lol :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile: I was keep buying cars and selling them back for no reason at all :DDDDDDD

  • @JohnFromGWN I concur

  • @ReNNie What online version is 2189? 1.52?

    EDIT: lol, first time lucky, it indeed is 1.52

  • @ReNNie Why is version 1.0.2189.0 (1.52) the best in your opinion?
    I only noticed that after update 2189 the size of the update.rpf decreases.

    I‘m trying to get V to work with QuantV and LA Revo (all Updates to oct22) on Steam Version 2372 and 2372.2 but everytime I add LA Revo I get the typically clr.dll (.NET Framework) error after some time.

    QuantV + only NVE Road Texture, Vegetation (+extra_Vegetation) working fine.

    Frustrating if you bought the mods and can’t compare them all together.

    Would u say v2189 can help me with this problem or is it just a version that is more compatible with older/outdated mods?
    Or any other suggestion that could help me?

    PS: I‘m trying to get my GTA 5 working this way for over a month now ^^

  • @ARZK said in Looking to downgrade, which version you think is best?:

    I only noticed that after update 2189 the size of the update.rpf decreases.

    Each update, from my perspective, adds rather than subtracts, so, if as you claim, the size decreases, it is likely due to better compression and/or optimization. Either way saving disk space is different from compatibility.

    Which version of GTA5 is the best? That's easy. It's the one that works best for you, for the unique combination of hardware, software, asi mods, dll scripts, mlos, maps, vehicles, peds, ENBs and visual mods you installed. Not a single person has your exact combination.

    You seem to have every version, or access to every version, so you're in a wonderful position to determine what works best for you.

    Personally, I upgraded until I hit a version where the pain of troubleshooting exceeded the pleasure. That's when I reverted back. My game is very stable and will only crash if I go medieval on it, so not looking to improve on something solid.

    You might reconsider searching for the best version and focus on getting your mods to play nice because mods are what cause the game to crash.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thx for your quick reply!

    Yes that´s right but i thought that they could have deleted something that causes some more crashes. Just a thought.

    I tried a lot of versions and stopped at v2372 cuz all the asi, scripts, vehicles,ENB + QuantV + NVE Road/Vegetation working. But LA Revo crashes my game, frustrating.

    For sure, all Steam users have access to all versions via Depotdownloader. If you know how to find the right depot and the right files in there you only have to download the .exe files and the update.rpf file.

    What version of the game you are using?

    I agree 100% with that and i got a lot of knowledge in this last month about how to install mods and mod it by myself. But i haven´t found a solution to get QuantV and LA Revo working together without any clr.dll errors after 5~30 mins.

  • @ARZK said in Looking to downgrade, which version you think is best?:

    For sure, all Steam users have access to all versions via Depotdownloader.

    I'm not sure people are aware of this, I have actually posted a video once.

    I'm at 2372 but I keep copies of the gta5.exe from each update as backups. I don't use any visual mods because I've never seen a deep saturated blue sky in real life, only the artificial ones that are rendered through Photoshop or by placing filters on the camera lens. In other words, I like my graphics to be as the developers intended.

    I can tell you from personal experience, and from trying my best to help on these forums, that the more mods you install, the more complex the mods (scripts, ENBs, visual mods), the more likely you will have issues - either compatibility or conflict between mods.

    The good news is that you can usually find a solution, but it requires trial and error, patience, and often many searches. The other option is compromise. You try different combinations of mods and if you find a combo that crashes the system with A + B mods, you make a choice to have either A or B installed at same time, but not both.

    Ofc you can hope someone here will post that they use all the mods you mention above without issues, but that isn't a guarantee because hardware and dozens of other factors come into play.

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