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[SCRIPT REQUEST] Hotwire minigame

  • In GTA Chinatown Wars, there's a minigame in where you have to hotwire the car manually. There's 3 different versions of it depending on the class of the car. First being jamming a screwdriver in the ignition to start it up, this is for low-end cars/trucks. Second being hotwiring the car, i.e opening the ignition and connecting two wires together, this is for mid-end cars. And the last one which consists of hacking an car immobilizer by putting in a code, kinda similar to V's hacking minigame seen in SP/MP. That one being for high-end cars.
    I think it would be cool and would make stealing cars more fun!

  • Here's a vid showcasing it, skip to 5:20

  • I'm interested in it too and can donate if needed! Please pm to details

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