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How to enable guns on aircrafts?

  • So, I have been trying to fix this for a very long time but it never works out. The aircrafts have weapons on the side but wont shoot. I have checked and in handling.meta they do have <Item type="CVehicleWeaponHandlingData">
    Can someone help me fix this?

  • @IsThatDeath
    Need a bit more info:

    • Is it all aircraft affected, or just some?
    • Just planes, or heli's as well?
    • Add-on's, replace, vanilla, or all air vehicles affected etc?
    • All weapons don't work or just some? Rockets, guns or both etc
    • Anything else you feel may be relevant. Include that too.

    Don't spare the keyboard, give as much info & detail as you can :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Okay, so I found out why they werent shooting. The fxmanifest did not include the Weapon_info files.
    The MG shoots now, but now when shooting with rockets my game crashes

    To answer your questions

    1. Some aircrafts
    2. Mostly planes but some helis too
      3 Only addon weapons. This includes anything with a gun, such as tank, jet, heli, armored vehicles, etc
    3. All guns wouldn't work but now the MG works but the other guns in the wheel crashes the game

  • @IsThatDeath said in How to enable guns on aircrafts?:


    FiveM I take it then? If so, you probably want someone who knows FiveM. I've never used it & hadn't even heard of 'fxmanifest.lua' before googling it etc. I would have never figured out you needed to place the Weapon_info files in 'fxmanifest.lua' to get the guns working, I just know Singleplayer modding.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Oh man, I have been researching for weeks and even asked other developers who knows more about fivem developing but they never answer, well, thank you anyways :)

  • @IsThatDeath
    No probs :thumbsup:, sorry I can't help, maybe try these forums if you haven't already:



  • @IsThatDeath Hey, could you please take a screenshot of your fxmanifest? I have the same issue.

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