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How do I load mods , specially scripts ??

  • I'd like to load the gang turf mod to my game , can someone help me with this ??

  • @Enoch728
    Likely, you are facing the issue where GTA V was updated on Tuesday 26th April 2022 (Title Update v1.56/1.0.2612.1), but Script Hook V has yet to updated to work with the new patch (Edit: now updated, try installing it & see if that works :thumbsup:).

    If that is indeed your issue, you'll have to wait until Script Hook V is updated to use the Gang and Turf Mod (prob a week or two), but do make sure you have all the prerequisites (the green links at the top of this Description page) installed & then follow the Installation: instructions futher down that page.

    Also, the Comments section of the mod page is probably worth having a read of in situations like this (if you haven't already). See if anyone else is having similar issues &/or anyone has posted a potential solution etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th AB is living in the Ukraine with hit or miss internet access, as per his posting on the other forum. Other users have provided uploads to GTA5.exe but delivery will likely be constrained by access.


  • @Reacon Thanks. Will be fun to see what broke this time as the forums get busy with issues.

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