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Read if you want to continue to play with Mods

  • Every time GTA5 is updated, and Script Hook V is pending its update, this forum gets flooded with either queries on why the game won't load, when SH5 will be updated, and requests that the "developers" on this site please hurry to release the SH5 update.

    First of all there are no developers on this site responsible for SH5 - only a community of gamers, some of which create and upload their own creations but none who work on SH5 itself. SH5 is maintained by one person, Alexander Blade, and to the best of our knowledge he doesn't, or no longer, answers any posts here. So don't bother whining for an update.

    Now to the point. If Alexander Blade stops updating SH5 for whatever reasons, someone else will have to step in and recreate SH5 from scratch given the source code is not in the public domain - very unlikely given this is a very old game and the expertise required is nothing to laugh at.

    If that doesn't happen, the only solution will be to stop playing modded SP or revert back to a previous version - which means searching for older files all over the web if your game did indeed update. In other words you could be up the creek without a paddle or SOL (shit out of luck).

    The solution: backup your files now! Read this thread for more info.

  • man last time it took two weeks it hasnt even happened yet people need to be patient.

  • This time it has caught me off guard and it has been updated without realizing it, so I couldn't make a backup copy.

    I also suspect that one day we may run out of SHV, which is a shame, as this game will lose all interest for me.

    But that's life.

  • @Fabito48hd Try dese dawg if they help.

    Rockstar Launcher

    Epic Games

  • @gtavjamal Downloading vanilla executables from the cloud is not really different from using a pirated game, you have no idea what malware is possibly included. Sure an anti-virus does a decent job of catching garden variety crap, but it won't protect you against any custom code, that's why we still have malware, rootkits, keyloggers, ransomware, etc.

    Purpose of this post was prevention and prevention only.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks yeah I hear ya true dat dawg anything is possible. This was just a continuation what you mentioned about "...revert back to a previous version - which means searching for older files all over the web if your game did indeed update.". For those who weren't able to backup got to get dem files from somewhere. This is just one option. Life's often about calculated risks. Feel sorry for those whose games now broke like Fabito48hd etc.

  • @gtavjamal Thank you very much friend, but I'm not a person who likes risk xD

    Thank you very much for your healthy intention to help me, really.

    It will be time to wait for the new version of SHV and be more attentive next time.

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