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Simple Trainer's hotkeys are freaking out

  • I have no idea how this is happening or any ways to reproduce it but sometimes this Simple Trainer is just freaking out and the numberic keys doing weird things, like pressing Numpad 0 teleporting me to Mikey's house and it's not only 1 thing but they are doing multiple things... Like teleporting me to somewhere, changing car paint ..

    and this weird problem keeps happening until I restart my pc. Well I am thinking my pc having some issues but nope, numeric keys are working just fine, even in game with other trainers for example. But for some reason Simple Trainer just freaking out :/

    Did anyone have this issue and found a fix for it? :( Sometimes it's changing things in settings and one of the buttons saving the settings too, although I have a backup for that at least ..

  • what trainer you using ? is it this one ? https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav
    maybe its dumb but try removing it and re-installing if you havent already

  • @Aurora11 check for duplication of key bindings with other mods or scripts?

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