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[REQ] MP Freemode Creator with Functions in SP

  • This will almost certainly be unseen or ignored. But this has been my most wanted mod for GTAV since day one. Some mods have gotten sorta close, but they all seem to fall short.

    Basically I really want a fleshed out character creator mod for the game, but one that allows the created MP_Male or MP_Female to be able to interact with the world and have things to do like in GTAO. I do not want any of the heist or other online features, just the ability to buy items, properties, vehicles, and weapons as well as being able to save the characters. Maybe have a character selection to have multiple characters? Menyoo was probably the best mod for making Freemode characters, but the fact that they cannot interact with anything and do not have money has always annoyed me.

    LSPDFR has a very, very good character creator as well as being able to use those characters in the world, the problem is I have no interest in roleplaying as a police officer as the hardcore roleplay scene is not for me.

    I have no idea how feasable this is, the only other option is FiveM but the hassle to set up a solo server, as well as all the setup required for a basic character creation tool.

  • try this mod after you select MP character from menyoo, it'll allow you to use custom hashs for your MP character and gives u abilities to use phone or buy stuff...
    i like mp female character i put it using menyoo then i use character swap to replace it with franklin


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