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Car Tires White After Latest Update

  • Updated the game to the latest version since ScriptHook was updated today.

    Have a bunch of wheel/tire mods (dlc.rpf) where I needed to add textures to the vehshare.ytd files in various locations like x64e.rpf and patchday22ng - those were not touched in the update so once I loaded into the game and select some custom wheels, the tire textures are all white!

    Some examples:



    Please help!

  • vehshare was updated in 2612 with several higher resolution or remade textures. You need to re-add those files to the new vehshare.

  • @ItsJustCurtis which vehshare.ytd do I add the textures to? In x64e.rpf and x64w.rpf? Also, what about patchday22ng?

    EDIT: I deleted the old vehshare.ytd in both x64e.rpf and x64w.rpf and added the wheel textures again but the tires still show up white. I didn't change anything else.

    The rims show up correctly the but the tire textures are all white - I'm using the Allbrimspack, LMWheel, and Brabus Wheels.

    I added the YDR files to the dlc.rpf and then the 'texture' files to the vehshare.ytd in both x64e.rpf and x64w.rpf.

  • there is a brand new vehshare included in patchdayg9ecng, that will be over-writing anything else you are doing. You can use the search function in openiv to find all copies of a file in the games folders.

  • @ItsJustCurtis Thank you! Added the textures to the vehshare.ytd in the patchdayg9ecng folder and it works beautifully!

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