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Game not loading

  • Hi all I updated scripthookv and my game either with a mod folder sticks on the loading screen for a few mins then exits to the desktop or without one doesn't even load....

    i have moved the added folders the updates add to the mod folder and to the dlclist placed scripthookv in my game root folder.

    Please help

  • probably its a script that doesnt work with the updated version or something like this, try removing your scripts if you have any and see if it works

  • @Koala77 i removed both mods and scripts then it would not load so i moved all files to an external hard drive and reinstalled the game and so far so good apart from only adding 1 car file it has that and 5-6 assume new cars that when select crash my game.

  • @Xmodz if you let OpenIV update your mods folder, update.rpf, then you screwed up both your dlclist.xml and you now have a "useless for mods" vanilla gameconfig.xml.

    Removing scripts and mods can't crash your game, only the opposite can be true, unless your vanilla game is really FUBAR.

    Update your gameconfig.xml if u haven't already.

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