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GTA V crashes after installation Gameconfig 1.0.2612

  • After setting the gameconfig during loading, the game crashes with an error ERR_SYS_FILELOAD
    Added lines in the dlclist.xml - 42
    If there are 4 added lines, then the game does not crash

  • @daylaynann no idea what you mean by -42.
    Either way, adding 4 lines to dlclist.xml has nothing to do with gameconfig.xml. there is no relationship between these 2 files other than the location.

  • What's the point of your comment?

  • @daylaynann the point of my comment is that you're asking for help without clarity or sufficient information. Good luck.

  • @JohnFromGWN Then for what purpose did you even go to my question, if I allegedly have "incomprehensible information."

  • @daylaynann i was trying to help but you need a different kind of help.

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