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Unreleased mods?

  • Hello everyone. I found some lore friendly car mods, but they never been released, I guess. So, I wanna know, is there any way to found them, download and install to my singleplayer GTA V? Maybe, from FiveM servers, or someone have these cars:pray:
    Annis Elegy RH6 (pic1 pic2)
    Annis Elegy RH5 LM (pic1 pic2)

  • @sasanito95 theyre only available in fivem servers unfortunately. they could be released in the future but not anytime soon

  • The PH Devs have a habit of getting hold or porting WIP mods then not returning them to the original creator to retain exclusivity of the mods. As a rule of thumb, if its on PH and unreleased, it likely wont be for a long time.

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