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Does anyone know what mod makes pedestrians get out of their car whenever they're at a stop?

  • It's very annoying because they get out EVERY TIME their car isn't moving. not just when they crash, but also at traffic lights or when another car stops. It makes the map into a huge parking lot.

  • please i really need to get rid of it

  • update: now they're stopping and getting out when i go near them

  • cmon people i need help with this, i tried removing mods but it appears to be one i haven't removed yet

  • @madkirk74 That might be a script issue too. You need to do basic troubleshootings, disabling everything (basically turning back to vanilla game) and then reenabling them in bulks. Once you get the issue again, narrowing down the last bulk you enabled.

    Also it might be a hard guess but it may be a trainer issue as well that perhaps adding something to your character that freaks out poor pedesterians.

  • I never had that happen to me before, and I use a lot of scripts.
    I kinda want it to happen now lmao

  • @madkirk74 i'm sorry but wtf is that :joy: sounds kinda funny tbh

    to solve your problem you must do what @Aurora11 said. start by removing the latest mods you installed

    also you probably already heard this but buy a hard drive and make a back up of your GTA whenever it doesnt crash for like 1 hour it will save you a lot of headaches ;)

  • thanks everyone but i just took the easy way out, the fix-all, clearing out the steam folder and reinstalling the game. it was glitching in other ways and i had some unremovable mods that were annoying anyways.

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