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grenade bug need help!

  • why my grenade looks like grenade launcher ammo. How to fix it?!!
    and how I can edit the rhino tank shooting time (like make it need more time to hit next attack)

  • @trivo
    For the Rhino, check it's 'handling.meta' & make sure it is using the 'VEHICLE_WEAPON_TANK' weapon, then proceeed to the main 'weapons.meta' here:

    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai\weapons.meta

    Search that 'weapons.meta' for 'VEHICLE_WEAPON_TANK' & then once you find it, scroll down (~60 or so lines) until you find the '<TimeBetweenShots value=' line. Increase the value to make the rhino fire slower, ie more time between shots.

    @trivo said in grenade bug need help!:

    why my grenade looks like grenade launcher ammo. How to fix it?!!

    If you mean that when you throw a grenade it looks like the grenade launcher shell & not a normal pin pullled round grenade shape. ie The visual model used in-game for the thrown grenade is wrong:

    Then, in the same 'weapons.meta', you probably want to search for 'WEAPON_GRENADE' & then scroll down & make sure the '<AmmoInfo ref=' line is set to:

              <AmmoInfo ref="AMMO_GRENADE" />

    Then after that, search for '>AMMO_GRENADE<' (including those arrows) & make sure the '<Model>' line below it is set to:


    Then, if you are still having issues after that, use the Ctrl+F3 Search Box in OpenIV to search your 'mods' folder for 'w_ex_grenadefrag' & open the 'w_ex_grenadefrag.ydr' & 'w_ex_grenadefrag_hi.ydr' files you find & make sure they look correct:


    The ones in 'patchday8ng' should be the ones loaded by the game, but check all of the 'w_ex_grenadefrag' '.ydr' files you find, just in case there is something else going on & the game is loading them from another location etc.

  • I found the problem for grenade but for tank it still same
    I deleted all my mods from dlc list to test
    and tried only on rhino..also with a custom missile weapon maybe there is another line to modify?

  • @trivo said in grenade bug need help!:

    custom missile weapon

    What 'custom missile weapon'? Is that the weapon you have on the Rhino or something different etc?

    For the 'VEHICLE_WEAPON_TANK', try messing with the 'ReloadTime' values for it in that 'weapons.meta' as well. Forgot it's likely a single shot weapon with a reload inbetween each shot etc.

  • Yeah it works now! for both normal or custom tank cannon its called "SP reload time"
    or MP reload time... thanks alot <3

    btw another thing im using big map script https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/big-map
    and tried it also from enhanced native trainer..
    im trying for hours to change the size of the big map (not the zoom settings)
    maybe from a file called frontend in common data ui? help D:

  • @trivo
    I haven't got a clue about editing the minimap, the only thing I can advise is that when editing minimap game files, do testing without any minimap scripts installed, as they are likely to override changes you are making in the game files if they are active at the same time. ie If you are using a script to edit the minimap, unless the mod author includes files with their script that allow you to edit things, you are likely stuck with the settings that they choose in the script & making edits to game files likely won't make any difference in-game (the script likely changes things in memory, not the files etc, so any edits to files likely never get applied in-game).

    Without knowing exactly how the script works & exactly what it is doing, you're kinda shooting in the dark. Pretty much the only person who can help you & give you an idea of what might be possible is the original Big Map 1.1 mod author. You would need to contact them & ask or disable the script & try creating the effect you want just using game files (or get someone else to create a specific script to do what you want etc).

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