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HELP for short-film - virtual death and mourning

  • Hi !
    I’m a French student in art school and I work on a short-film about the virtual death and mourning in video game.
    For that, I want to use GTA V and create a mod in which : when the user kill a npc, a modeling 3D of altar or a grave appear where npc die. I make some research about modding. I find the forum. I don’t know how to mod in GTA V but I have some knowledge about coding. Maybe you have some to advice to give to make this type of mod or maybe we could collaborate. My film is interested too in modding process. I find poetic stuff in this and our collaboration could be one of the subject of the voice-over.

  • tu veux faire quoi mon reuf ? explique en Français

  • J'ai besoin d'un mod grâce auquel, à chaque fois qu'on tue un pnj, il disparait, et un autel ou une tombe (si possible modélisé en 3D) apparait à l'endroit de sa mort. Je sais pas à quel point c'est réalisable, théoriquement je me dis qu'il suffirait de modifier le model 3D du cadavre par celui que je souhaite...

  • @Louzre Alors là je t'avoue que je sais pas du tout, ca m'a l'air plutot complexe...pourtant je m'en sors plutot pas mal mais la a part si t'as déjà de l'experience avec les bails style zmodeler etc je sais pas si c'est faisable, surtout que je suis pas sur que le cadavre et le skin du pnj soient deux entités/modèles différents...à vérifier

  • @Louzre There are so many different ways you can do this, conceivably. GTA5 has cemetery props and objects already.

    A simple way would be to bind a script to a key and spawn manually.

    Another way would be to edit the appearance of the prop in your video editor.

    Out of the box GTA5 also supports fade in and out as well as visual effects through trainers and scripting, but as an art student you can make the magic appear in your video editor, depending on whether you use screen capture software and post processing and editing or R* editor.

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