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Couple of Questions after Game Update?

  • Hi, so I had downgraded my game so I could still play but ended up not being able to use my PC until after the latest script hook was out. I then successfully updated the game to the current version by way of verifying the game files via Steam. problem is OpenIV isn't warning me about an outdated Update.rpf in my mods folder. What do I need to do?

    Also read a topic on here about there being a new vehicles.rpf?

    Thanks :)

  • @AmazyCrazy if your game works, ignore OpenIV.
    If you allow OpenIV to do the copy you will lose your gameconfig.xml and dlclist.xml and any modifications you or an installer did to update.rpf, so backup and restore if u go that route.

  • @AmazyCrazy apparently the models aren't there yet.

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