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.YDD texture toolkit

  • i want a way to edit .ydd files I found this thingy https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/texture-toolkit but its not working

    any ideas? :airplane:

  • @trivo texture toolkit works perfectly but you can extract files directly from OpenIV and use your own editor.

    Or is the file locked?

  • I concur that it does work, but it's a very basic program. Extract everything in the zip file and place it in a folder of your choosing, create a shortcut of the main program for your desktop, then you can open it. You must take the item you want to alter out of the OpenIV and place it elsewhere, IE: Desktop or new folder, then you can modify the item, save and place it back into OpenIV.

  • @trivo From what I have seen from it's video, it looks like a quite basic although the simplified version of OpenIV.

    Instead of using Extract button you can choose Export to open formats instead. There you will see the .dds textures, .odd (Editable version of .ydd) and .odr (Editable version of .ydr) at where you exported the .ydd .

    The afterwards is just editing what you want to edit and drag and drop the .odd file back inside the OpenIV while the Edit Mode is active.

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